Hi! My name is Michael Gusky but you can call me Gus.

The Journey Forward: What's next?

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Greetings Joysetters,

It looks like my "LOVE" in the next edition of this newsletter will be getting it out nearly on time this week. :) I start a "working vacation" this week for the next two weeks. By "working vacation," I mean I intend on working on both the Joysetting program and my day job a bit, but the key will be it is 100% on my terms—no meeting commitments. Don't worry. I intend on completely disconnecting from both for at least five days over the next two weeks to re-energize and have some fun. It would be best if you did that now again to avoid burnout. As an admitted workaholic, I must push myself to do this occasionally. Are you taking time to disconnect? Do you struggle with it as I do? I hope you have a great week. I know I will!

Leave who you were. Love who you are. Look Forward to who you will become.

The past no longer exists. It is over. Enjoy the successes. Learn from the mistakes. Plan the next steps of your journey. Here is my Leave, Love, Look Forward for the week:


I honestly don't have anything specific to LEAVE this past week other than the week itself. Leaving average or even a great week behind is vital so you can truly move on. We need to close the old doors to open new ones. It was an average week. I only achieved 4 of my planned five days of exercise and missed two days of meditation, but I also completed a few of the nagging to-do's that have been hanging around for far too long. I'll take it, and now I will leave it!


I am going to LOVE the same. I know it sounds contradictory to say I love the last week while leaving it, but honestly, that is an excellent summary of Joysetting. Loving an average week while leaving it in the past is one of the keys to a balanced life full of Joys.

Look Forward

I LOOK FORWARD to disconnecting this week. It has been six months since I genuinely parted from work and my at-home to-do list. As I mentioned in the opening, I plan on doing some "thought" work over the next two weeks, which I am looking forward to, but my main Joy this week will be completely departing from all the things that drain my psychic energy every day. What are you looking forward to this week? Please find time to recharge every week. Six months is too long!

This Week's Quote

Almost everything will work if you unplug it for a few minutes...including you.
~Anne Lamott

Read, Reading, Up Next

One of my greatest joys is reading and sharing great books. As a subscriber to this newsletter, you will always be entered in my drawings to win a copy of whatever I am currently reading, sometimes signed by the author when I can make that happen. Here is what I just read, am currently reading, and what is on deck to read next.


I am sad to say I haven't completed a book since the last edition of this newsletter. I usually consume one book a week but haven't found the time this past week. I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that my current reading was not my own choice, and I am not drawn to it, but I also can't throw it on the shelf and move on. I will/have to finish it over the next two weeks.


Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships by Morag Barret

I am still working on this required reading for an upcoming staff meeting. It is still not calling to me. It is still not drawing me in but I will give it a chance and provide a summary in the next edition of this newsletter.

Up Next

The Carbon Almanac: It's Not Too Late by The Carbon Almanac Network, Seth Godin (Editor)

The first few pages of this book already have me wanting more while simultaneously challenging me to reevaluate my actions or lack thereof regarding my impact on the planet and climate change.

Did you know that "The United States alone has 95 million cows and their grazing areas take up nearly half the country's land"

That stat alone on page three blew my mind. My first thought is, how can we have half our land dedicated to producing steak, burgers, cheese, and milk while so many homeless live on the streets and struggle to survive. Come on, fellow humans! We are better than that!

This book is not a cover-to-cover read. It is a reference book I expect to be perusing for months to come. I may even have to dedicate a section of this newsletter to the latest learning or stat from the book.

More to come on this. It is my next giveaway. I am looking to get a case of them to start giving away. As a subscriber you are already automatically entered in the drawing. If you know of anyone who would be a good addition to our community and would like a chance to win a copy of this book just copy and send them the following link.

Coming soon: The power of Trello

I think that is what is coming. :)

Wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity,

Michael W. Gusky II

Author of Joysetting. Curator of great books, ideas, & tools.


Hi! My name is Michael Gusky but you can call me Gus.

Author (actually more of a curator) + Writing about Life, Leadership, and Organization + Seeking balance in this crazy journey. + Helping others find their balance. + Creating Joy in the Journey + Admitted Workaholic + Able to go from the Mosh Pit to the Board Room in 3.5 seconds. Although at this age, mosh pits are neither a wise choice nor a regular occurrence.

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